With our wide range of farmers, we supply mostly all types of crops to local and international markets. Tanzania is a beautiful country where by we grow many types of crops, Staple crops being; Maize, sorghum, millet, rice, wheat, beans, cassava, potatoes, bananas and plantains, and Cash and Export crops being; Coffee, cotton, cashew nuts, tobacco, sisal and pyrethrum, tea, cloves, horticultural crops, oil seeds, spices and flowers.

We do Installation, Maintenance, Site Survey, Consultation and Design of most agricultural projects including, Greenhouse Construction, Drip Irrigation systems, Bee Keeping Services and so much more.

We also provide a wide range of agricultural services including;
Agrichemicals supply
Crop Production (Farming & Contract Farming)
Distribution and Warehousing
Farm Machinery Supply
Seed Supply
Marketing and Retail Sales.